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  1. Huesin Administrator Aug 14, 2015

    Quote by LadyTextaholic o.o

    Hey, Lady T~ owo
    It's been ages, where have you been? and how are you doing? :3

  2. TheGarbageCollector Aug 13, 2015

    Quote by LadyTextaholic
    uhuhuhu.. they were clogging everything up. It was time for them to go. >.<

    How have you been?![/quote
    I have been miserable and great and somewhere between those two things as well.
    And I have a job now! Yay ;-;
    How have you been?

  3. TheGarbageCollector Aug 12, 2015

    Where did all the gifs go?!

  4. TheGarbageCollector Aug 12, 2015

    Quote by LadyTextaholic .__.

    ohmygod a zombie! D:

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